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Consilience Energy Management:

1. Consciousness Awareness;
2. Tensegrity of the body — the ability to withstand tension and pressure;
3. Consilience — the ALL KNOWING aspect of us.

Observing what works and what does not Consilience Energy Management emerged revealing what's possible in the human body's ability to heal. When the balance of the interactive energy fields around every system is disrupted, the human body adapts, overloads and breaks down. Consilience Energy Management works with the electromagnetic, vibrational systems of the body by reflecting/mirroring in a way that supports neutralizing the disruption, thereby grounding the overload
along fluid dynamics restoring balance at the level of the cause
bridging management of healthcare and supporting optimum, viable health.

In simpler terms this Wellness Support Program
has been found to enable an individual to step into Awareness,
thereby increasing the ability of the body to shift state...

Shift State...What is That?
A feeling state that either supports you and your physical body...
or not.