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Each of has an inner vision of how we want to belong or fit in with our personal families and the family that is the world. At the deepest level we all desire to be able to present our most Authentic, Divinely-connected sense of Self -- that part of us we refer to when we say, "I AM" -- in a safe and loving environment. So, ask yourself:

"How would I Behave if I had an harmonious extended network of family and friends that supports me and allows me to support others?"
For example, your vision might include having the ability to:

  • Respond to others, even in the midst of conflict, from a place of love

  • Maintain my boundaries in a loving manner

  • Receive, trust and act upon my Inner Guidance even when my life appears to be falling apart

  • Detach from the outcome of what I'm wanting in my life

  • Remain in the present moment even when others are in a state of contrast

Coaching with Dolores



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We all have a vision of how we'll BE when our universe of family and friends becomes harmonious. And when you look at what harmony means to you, you'll discover that, at the core of your sense of harmony, is a list of behaviors you are wanting to exhibit that better reflects the loving, Divinely-connected part of YOU!!

We'll be there for you Step by Step as you clarify and realize your goals.

Zen Guidance is a referral based-business. So why not offer coaching as a gift to family and friends, coworkers and that special person you care about. I am l00% invested in my client's success. Getting results with intention! Call Dolores at 518-882-6485 to set up a complimentary conditional consult. I will coach you for 30 minutes and if you find value and want to invest in personal coaching, we set up a schedule plan. If you choose not to go forward for whatever reason, we say good bye, wish each other well, and part as friends no questions asked.



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