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Spiritual development has its emphasis on Mindfulness--slowing down in order to delineate each step of the process. Slowing down helps you understand what you're doing at any given moment in order to be able to repeat the process whenever you want. And to help your family members create and customize a process for their own use.

As you travel along your journey to Spiritual Fulfillment, remember that you are entering uncharted territory. Others have traveled this path, but each person's journey is unique unto that person. So, we ask you to set your Intention to release any expectations of how this journey should look and allow in the miracle that is YOU!

While experiencing this journey, it will help if you chart your course--when Lewis & Clark mapped America's unexplored west, they had Native American Indian guides, but no charts to show them the way. They saw the American West through their eyes and perceptions, something quite different from their guides' perceptions. They based their decisions not only on their guides' information and advice, but also upon their own intuitive sense of what was important for their journey. They chose which details were important and which were non-essential to their task of charting and mapping.

A crucial element of Spiritual growth and development is the creation of a map of your Journey. You will not only get a glimpse of where you're going, but where you've been and, even more importantly, where you are right now.

Oftentimes we are so focused on the goal we envision at the end of our Journey, that we forget that the Journey IS the goal--it is ever changing, ever shifting. In other words, we never really "get" there; we're never really "done." Rather, our goal is a momentary one: Mindfulness of the NOW.


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