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You  invited to attend a very special free Tele-Class this Friday May 19th 3:00 EDT!
The topic is: Energy Mirroring for Health and Wellbeing - Using Mirroring Magic with the Emerging Laws of Life and DNA
This class will explain the how and why mirroring works and expand your view on what is possible. And, activate within you the 4 universal laws.
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Next Class Starts Wednesday January 10, 2007 8:00 PM EST

Register Today All 6 classes only: $399

Learn to develop your skills in creating your day by bringing in attention and awareness and by opening your heart to the possibilities.

In this program, developed from a base of Quantum Physics philosophy combined with the all knowing aspect of Consilience Energy Management , you will find new levels of appreciation for how we work as whole beings mind, body, and spirit. Even after the first time through, you will have enough understanding to begin to work with others, humans and animals alike, immediately.

We will provide a protocol, a roadmap to follow that when all is said and done requires only that you listen and follow instructions do nothing - and by letting go of a particular outcome, you and/or your client will reap the benefits of their own process. For client, you may insert friend, family member, horse, dog, cat or whatever you choose.

You will learn that you can be creative with the roadmap and that the roadmap expands as needed. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Watch what you can do with the universal laws of consciousness.

All that is required of you is that you are willing to listen closely enough to see where to go on the roadmap and the willingness to go there.

 All things are possible - NOW!                         


The instruction consists of 6 modules:

1) The History of Law of Attraction and The Language of Energy
2) Quantum Physics and the Concepts of Being at Interface
3) Creating Your Own Energy Basics Self-Actualization
4) Following the Roadmap for Optimum Health Part 1
5) Following the Roadmap for Optimum Health Part 2
6) Your Inner Guidance System                           

  • Class 1: The History of Law of Attraction and The Language of Energy A wise man said, "There is nothing new under the sun" and indeed, there is nothing 'new' about the Law of Attraction. This is a Universal Law like the Law of Gravity. Understanding the 'big picture'--the history of man's discovery and recognition of this Law will increase your confidence in the Law of Attraction.
  • Class 2: Quantum Physics and the Concepts of Being at Interface During this class, we'll go from the 'big picture' to the tiniest picture frame: sub-atomic particles. Understanding how our thoughts effect our environment and manifestations will change how we approach each subject in life.
  • Class 3: Creating Your Own Energy Basics Self-Actualization Self-Actualization is just a big word for 'maturity.' If you're tired of carrying around that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach, then you're ready to learn how to Stand in your own space to bounce off all negativity, to discover who you are, why you are here and what type of work is in alignment with this purpose.
  • Class 4:  Following the Roadmap for Optimum Health Part 1 How do you define optimum health? The Consegrity Roadmap makes attaining optimum health possible-- even for people diagnosed with life-long or life-threatening illnesses.
  • Class 5: Following the Roadmap for Optimum Health Part 2  During this hour, you will examine how our perception of life- experiences can cause energy blockages and lead to illness and how the Law of Attraction can speed up the healing process. You'll work with several powerful tools that help you gain clarity and maintain focus on your desired objective.
  • Class 6: Your Inner Guidance System Access the power of your personal inner guidance system.



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    (9AM - 6PM with 1 hour for lunch. Ample break time will be provided)

    Next Class - June 3, 2006 - Galway, NY

    This is a classroom/workshop setting with all educational materials included. 

    While one will be able to work with the tools immediately after the class, it is also designed as a pre-quel to the 6 day Consilience Energy Management Basic Foundation Course. There are no prerequisites to attending.

    One payment DISCOUNT FEE: $150-

    Bring a friend to $25 off the regular price!


    As you commit to your own happiness and truth, profound shifts will seem natural. You will learn how to transform the way you are with yourself, be your own best friend and transform your life.

    "This is not a haphazard Universe in which you live.
    It is a very well defined, perfectly organized
    Universe. Your only work is get in alignment with
    the perfection of it, which means that you must
    believe that all is well, and in the moment that you
    believe that all is well everything that touches
    you is well." Abraham 04/11/92



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    6326 Barkersville Rd Middle Grove, NY 12850
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