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I love being able to find things for free or at low cost. Whenever we receive something for "free", we should consider some sort of energy exchange to honor and give value to what is received. Send a donation to the creator or some other cause that you believe in are two ways to do this.

Take a look around, follow the links that resonate with you. Stop back often as we'll add more when we find them.

Health, Wealth and Alternative Therapy Links

EMF Emotional Freedom Techniques is a simple to learn modality that can be explored deeply. It is a low cost easy to learn modality. The basics can be learned in minutes and explored for a lifetime. This can be a fun modality to learn with a group of friends.

Process Healing Use your subconscious to heal. Receive a free download or read on line. You can purchase an upgrade or a book in addition to the free course.

The Healing Journey Free Lightworker E-Class for Healers by Neva Joan Howell. Whether you are looking to become a healer or understand parts of the healing process the information here can assist you.

Yoga Free online Yoga, enjoy! Includes a 42 minute recording of a class and 8 minutes of relaxation.

Free Anatomy Training and More! Many energy healers do not come from a medical background and therefore may want to learn Anatomy. Here is a source for free online training to assist you on your journey.

Manual: The Basic Steps to Your Emotional Freedom The Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is the psychological acupressure technique

Visualize what you want in your life and its yours.

Investworks. Make money today on only $1- a day... your choice Free e-book. Click Here! Then, come back and ask to be placed in the best place in our highly effective network or Start Now for only $5-.

Law of Attraction Implementing the law of attraction to delibrately create health, wealth and love. With each moment of bliss, more of that which youíve identified as your desire flows to you, until another moment of bliss comes and another, and another, and it seems as if the entireUniverse revolves around you and it does.

Energy Testing There's no better way to really get to know your energy field, inside and out, than a reliable energy self-test. If you wish to find out what your energy field responds best to, what compromises your energy and functioning, and what subconscious thoughts/ beliefs/memories sabotage your ability to grow and change, energy self-testing is the key

Pendulum Testing
How to Use your Pendulum for testing
The pendulum works like muscle-testing or kinesiology: your sub-conscious knows what you need to know. The pendulum will show you the answer by picking up and amplifying the subtle vibrations from your sub-conscious, causing the pendulum to swing! You can ask any question to get a YES or NO answer. Be careful and be very present when you use a pendulum so you don't get some stray energy giving you the answers.

Pendulums & Dowsing
How to Use Pendulums & How to Dowse

Muscle Testing
How to "Muscle" Test
to determine your yes and no

 Manual: The Basic Steps to Your Emotional Freedom The Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT, is the psychological acupressure technique

 You are the light - The Movie  You Are The Light Movie is a reminder of what you already know, feel and desire to be, do and have in order to best contribute to this world.

Heart Warming Movies Awaken your sense of joy and wonder. Movies to inspire love and compassion for all living things.

Recalling the Song ~ How Communicating with Animals Will Change our World  This article is partially excerpted from Animal Voices looks at the importance of communicating at deeper levels with all of nature, and includes a talk with a fly, a dog and teacher/communicator Penelope Smith.

Reconnecting with Animal Wisdom This article is also partially excerpted from Animal Voices. It looks at how telepathic communication with animals works and what we might do on practical levels with the information and wisdom we receive

How to Communicate with Animals This is an excerpt from Awakening to Animal Voices and gives an overview of the 'basics' of animal communication.

Other Animal Communication Articles A collection of articles and interviews by the author of Animal Voices - Dawn Baumann Brunke


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