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Dolores Arste

An avid Competitive Trail rider, Dolores has completed several 100-mile rides with her Morgan stallion, Lance. Along with her husband, she also trains and breeds Racing Siberian Sled dogs and breeds champion Schipperke dogs.  Dolores was a Professional Show Dog Handler of many breeds for 20 years.  She is now an American Kennel Club Show Dog Judge and at one point had 65 dogs at her facility, so it would be fair to say her interest in training goes well beyond the normal pet owner. 

Perhaps that's why fate saw fit to send her a horse like Cadbury!  She was first introduced to CLICKER TRAINING  when Cadbury was a boisterous 2 year old, biting and rearing into her space and scaring her half silly.  CLICKER TRAINING  is a method of marking the positive as soon as the thought towards positive is created.

Cadbury was born on Dolores' farm and was different from most horses right from the start.  He was independent and athletic and bold on the outside but frightened on the inside.  Not all horses are born with the same, shall we say, ability to have a conversation with a human.  This thought also applies to people in that not all people are equipped with the same skills to have a conversation with each other or with an equine. At the beginning of every new relationship, we all bring what we bring – our perceptions, our prejudices, our stereotypes, our fears, and of course our agendas and egos.

Dolores, on the inside, has learned to have a relationship with a horse, person, family member by learning to speak to and be spoken to by a special horse  By tapping into her emotions and the fear that was generated by this horse and through the methods of releasing fear, Dolores has now put the experiences of dealing with a difficult animal to work for her and her coaching clients with her unique method of turning off the fear in her clients.  

Cadbury is now one of the premier demo horses for our Clicker horse training series and attends Equine Expos as an ambassador of the method.

Dolores loves making things happen! She is a woman who has mastered her fears of not good enough and limitation. She is best at lifting others into the exploration of their inner spirits to accomplish their goals and a whole lot more. Dolores’ coaching philosophy is that coaching provides powerful energetic support and extremely effective tools for the individual who is ready to make the life changes they want. For these changes to happen and become established in a person’s life, coaching must work at a holistic level that integrates thoughts, feelings, words and actions. It must work with all four kinds of energy – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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To harness your emotions and "click" your way to success, Dolores has teamed up with Marilyn Bonnett Champion Challenger. Together they bring your their "Put Your Emotions to Work for You"  Seminar Series.

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Dolores Arste
6326 Barkersville Rd Middle Grove, NY 12850
518 882 6485