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 Be Your Authentic Self Marketing

The Marketing Person You Think You Aren’t

Marketing On The Playground  


I have a very unique coaching business. I integrate what horses have taught me with energy management to become the biggest and brightest mirror possible for my clients. Honest mirroring allows the client to lead the dance and to take us where ever they want to go.

Then, I came across Beth Woodward (Marketing on the Playground) and she asked these questions that changed my whole approach to marketing.
Ask yourself these 4 questions.
What Do I Want?
What Do I Need?
What in my marketing is Giving Me Energy?
What in my marketing is Taking My Energy?

If something is taking your energy can you redefine it to fit who you are or do you need to cut it loose?

Once you have answered the questions above, ask yourself:
1) What are my skills, my strengths, basically, what am I really good at?
2) What do I enjoy, what do I love to do?
Are you thinking right now, what does this have to do with marketing? PLENTY!

Does marketing seem easier when you approach it from what you enjoy? “PLAY” (email us your experiences)
Do you know what makes marketing really easy? Getting marketing help without paying a dime.

  Find the way to Market that goes with the the grain of who you are. You can be your authentic self and still be successful at marketing.

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